About Full Circle Art & Design


Full Circle Art & Design was founded in 1990 under the name Lewis Graphics, marking a new chapter in my evolution as an artist. After earning my BA in Art Education at the University of Colorado in 1978, I had worked as an art teacher serving underprivileged elementary and middle schools in Jacksonville, Florida. Upon returning to Boulder, I received training as a graphic artist, doing both old school paste-up and cutting edge (at the time) desktop publishing. In 1990, I opened Lewis Graphics, offering graphic arts and publishing services to businesses across the Colorado Front Range.

In 2009, I enrolled in the graduate art education program at the University of Northern Colorado, with the goal of returning to my first love, teaching fine arts. I put my ever-broadening skill set to work on campus as a graduate assistant to three professors, supervising student teachers, creating charts, brochures and handbooks for the undergraduate classes and photographing student work for use on the university website. In my studio classes, my professors often remarked about the evidence of my graphics background, which served me well in my fine art projects. I completed my Masters degree in Art Education in 2013 and changed the name of my business to Full Circle Art & Design to reflect my return to teaching and the fine arts.

Now, through good fortune, serendipitous timing, and the integration of all my training and practices, Full Circle Art & Design has come to represent everything I have hoped to offer as an artist. In this next chapter in my life, I hope to offer a variety of enriching art classes to adult and teenage students, while continuing to evolve as a practicing fine artist myself. Won't you join me?

About Claudia Lewis, M.A.

Claudia in AthensMy path as an artist has taken many turns. With formal training in fine arts and art education, I have spent over thirty years as an art teacher, a fine artist and a graphic designer. A few years ago, I returned to school to earn a Masters in Art Education, adding photography, ceramics and advanced fiber arts to my areas of expertise.

I believe that art reveals our strengths and forgives our weaknesses. It is my philosophy that art is a manifestation of our spirit, values and heart. It's is about personal story and self-expression. Art for art’s sake can give you what you need to discover parts of yourself you’ve never met before.

As a highly trained and certified art instructor, I consider myself a teacher first and an artist second. In my classroom, I work collaboratively with my students to establish a high level of comfort with the materials and techniques of the practices I teach, while emphasizing the importance of valuing each student’s personal connection to their creations. My goal is to help all my students find their creative voices through visual expression, whatever form it takes. The classes and open studio sessions I offer here at Full Circle Art & Design are meant to provide a safe and creative atmosphere where students can explore and flourish.

Nothing thrills me more than to see a student’s eyes light up when they have made something they never thought possible during that process of exploration. I hope you will come to my studio and discover your artist within. Thanks for visiting my website!

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What a great way to de-stress - to be able to create, play like a kid and create something really fun to wear - all at the same time. 

Claudia guided us through several different kinds of dyeing and resist techniques and made the whole process easy.

I NEED TO PLAY!!! And in this class that's exactly what I can do - for me, there's little better than playing with color and materials to soothe the jangled nerves. Better than wine!!! The instruction Claudia provides adds to the comfort level in playing.